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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thank You Blogger!

Well upon my return to blogger, from a long hiatus, I learned of some of the new features in Blogger.  Perhaps they are not so new, since the long gap between posts.

At one point this summer I dabbled a little bit with WordPress to develop a more robust blog; a pseudo website, if you will.  Also, I noticed the 'stats' feature.  Once upon a time I tracked statistics through Google Analytics, but it got to be more than I wanted or needed.  It will be nice to occasionally check some of those same stats in house.

Now that Blogger has 'pages' and 'stats,' I think I will stay for awhile longer.  Now I just have to get back to writing.

Back From Blogger Vacation

I have nothing to write for my first post back from blogger vacation, so I will just say hello.  Hello.  More to come later.

Until then, take a look back at my very first post, a little more than one year ago.