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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Very First Post

First things first--greetings to friends, family, and all who happen upon this blog. As it is my first post to my first blog, everything you see is a work in progress...everything from the title to the layout and even to its purpose. I suppose that is the thing I am exploring most of all--what is the purpose to a blog? What does it contribute? Is it worth my time writing? Probably, more importantly, is it worth your time reading?

I am not ashamed to admit it--I am a blog reader. I use google reader. I have a love/hate relationship with google. They are so dang awesome, creative, ingenius, and innovative...they are just so google; but it also scares me how much information they possess. But as "they" say, "information is power"... or is it "knowledge is power" or is it knowing is half the battle? Sorry. Back to my blog confessions. As I said I am a blog reader, but I have yet to jump on the blogging-wagon. There is definitely some ironic truth to the embedded picture. And yet, so many millions of people still strive to have their voice heard...well, let's be honest--some desire to be heard while others merely enjoy the projection of their voice with no mind to content or volume level.

I am still figuring out the content of this blog. I am still figuring out a lot about life in general. I suppose that is why the working title is "Mere Pilgrims." We are all on a journey. Yes, I realize the metaphor is overly lampooned, but it works. I also like the word "mere/merely" quite a bit.

Welcome aboard as I start this blogging journey. I merely hope that I am not adding to the noise. Please, take the poll located at the top of the page. Perhaps some of you veterans can give me some pointers as I sharpen a vision for this blog.

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  1. PD! We both have blogs and didn't know it. You can check mine out at It's a music blog where I try to feature unheard of bands and artists. I really like it. Don't know if you know of a site called Site Meter. But you can put it on your blog and see who all visits it, where they are from, etc. It's cool. And addictive.