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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Google Wave Invites!!

I just received some google wave invites. If you are interested, please contact me.

Make a Lighted Christmas Ball

I know, I know. It is not even Thanksgiving and I am already talking about Christmas. It is breaking one of my personal rules (I don't have many of them, so I am so disappointed)!! My wife has been wondering when we are going to get our Christmas tree, and this afternoon she is starting to get out some of decorations.

So here is a random collection geared towards the upcoming celebrations of Jesus' Incarnation:
  1. Make a Lighted Christmas Ball [Holidays]:Lifehacker featured this story. It's kind of a warm story of a community's Christmas tradition. Check out the link because there is a short video telling the story.
  2. check out their blog @
  3. check out this post from July
In order to justify myself, I still vow not to listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. Of course that is going to be hard because the radio and a McDonald's I sometimes visit have been playing Christmas tunes for a couple of weeks now.

Cheers...drink some eggnog!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yep, there is an app for that!

Drive a Car with Your iPhone [DIY]: "

A lot of people have been impressed with how you can find an app for everything. What about driving your car? With this (very) ambitious DIY project you can drive a car with your iPhone.

Why use your iPhone as merely an accessory to your car? You can flat out control it with this crazy DIY modification. Check out the video below to see how the mad scientists at Waterloo Labs modified a car—definitely not their daily mode of transport—to be controlled by an iPhone.

Check out their web site at the link below to see additional videos, as well as all the schematics and part lists you need to complete your iphone-remote controlled car—and, of course, if you build one, we definitely want some pics and video. Assuming you're not in the car while you're shooting them.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

40 yrs!!

Considering one of today's class discussions about generations, the linked article below (please click to see the video) is really interesting. Sesame Street is about to celebrate their 40th anniversary–wow! That is a wide spectrum of people having been influenced by this television program at some level.

P.S. I don't understand their title choice. P.S.S. I was Big Bird at my kindergarten class graduation back in 1986-87 (I think those are the years).

A la peanut butter sandwiches!: "Google doodles celebrate events and anniversaries around the world, while reflecting the personality, interests and quirkiness of Google employees. Today, you likely noticed a pair of familiar feet on the Google homepage. Leading up to Sesame Street's 40th anniversary on November 10th, we're excited to be featuring some of our favorite characters over the next seven days. Today: Big Bird!

Many Googlers grew up on Sesame Street, watching the colorful, seamless blend of education and entertainment. We're delighted to have partnered with Sesame Street to create this special series of doodles, particularly since we share the same values of education, diversity and accessibility. And here's a fun find from the crew at Sesame; they found a little known video clip of Cookie Monster singing about Google (rhyming it with bugle) way back in 1982 — 16 years before our company even existed."

The article briefly continues and has links to other sites talking about this same topic.

Question of the Day

What has your attention? What thoughts are shaping you as a person?

One suggestion to think about today is that you bear and reflect the living God's image.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Talking about speed reading!

Recently I came across Tim Challies.  I don't know much about him, but apparently he is a blog-poster/reader/writer-fiend.  His new project is called 10 Million Words.  He is going to take a year to read all of the Times Best Seller List and write short reviews. 

This is amazing to me.  I have no category in my brain for three or more books in a single week!

I finally got what?!!

I finally received my invite to Google Wave.  Sorry, I don't have any invites yet.  It will be interesting to see how this google collaborative platform actually works or if it is beneficial to use.  I'll keep you posted.

Does anyone out there have a wave profile?  What do you think about it?  What do you use it for?

Sunday, November 1, 2009


If you want to read more about Semper Reformanda check this out:

"In the latest issue of Tabletalk Michael Horton looks at the origin and meaning of an often misused slogan."

A Case in point

In keeping with Reformation Day (yesterday), two errors have come to my attention.