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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fail Proof Plan

Tonight I was reminded of two things.  The first is a bottom-up, fail proof plan to end world hunger (joking, but slightly serious).  The second is a personal reflection.

  1. Strategically planned pot-luck dinners.  My wife and I went to a dinner at our church tonight.  It culminated the fall season's small groups and was the children's Christmas program.  By each person/family bringing one dish that can feed 10-12 people, close to 250 people had their fill of some good eats.  Pot-lucks meals feed large groups of people quickly, efficiently, and effectively.  There should be no reason why people go hungry.  It invites people into the community to be embraced and loved on; it encourages individual responsibility and contribution to the whole.
  2. On a personal note–cold fried chicken straight out of the refrigerator tastes so good (breakfast, lunch, or dinner)!
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    1. Amen to cold fried chicken; and cold pizza, cold penne pasta, cold lasagna, in fact, I think most things taste good cold.