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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Incarnation Day!

No, I don't mean the Jack Black song from Nacho Libre.  I am on vacation in Georgia and loving it!  The next couple of days I will have several posts on reflections leading up to Christmas Day.

We went to my wife's home church this past Sunday.  The morning sermon was about Simeon from from Luke 2.  The pastor incorporated an interesting technique, one I have learned is common for him during Christmas.  He talked from Simeon's perspective in the first person.  It was semi-speculative narrative (for effect) that was rooted in what was described in the text.  It was engaging and was thought-provoking.  If only I can have an ounce of anticipation that Simeon had for the coming Messiah!

The Sunday evening surface was from John 1.  The sermon's main point: desperation.  In light of this advent season and as Christmas approaches I was convicted because I often lack both forward anticipation and my present desperation.  May I know my desperate need and look forward in hopeful anticipation for his salvation!

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