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Monday, March 15, 2010

"A zeitgeist film!"

We've all heard the metaphor, but The Joneses, and upcoming movie, brings it to life. Go watch the trailer for yourself. I think it will be an interesting commentary on American Dream-isms. What do I mean by "American Dream-isms?" I don't know really because I just made it up. I mean for it to mean the cultural narratives that tell us, "If I have this or that, then my life will be better and complete."

Who doesn't want the next best thing? The new, bigger and better thing promises to fix all our problems; however, those promises always end up unfilled. I only know of one thing that fulfills all my longings, needs, and desires.

The movie will most likely be sad, frustrating, and (unfortunately) self-indicting. Despite this, it will be an opportunity to affirm and challenge the narratives with which our culture inundates us. The trailer includes critic's quotes. One such quote, I think, captures the movie very well: "A zeitgeist film!"

I look forward to watching it; most likely a rental.

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