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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Conundrum

My wife makes fun of me.  I like Murphy Beds.  Well, as she says, "You like anything that can fit inside a compartment."

I don't think she is right, but I do like intuitive packing–space saving–IKEA–like stuff.  I like the way people in NYC have to live by maximizing their living/eating/work space.  I appreciate creativity because I am not very creative myself. 

My conundrum: I am 6'5'' and hate small, compact spaces.  I need head and leg room.  I wish I was about 4-5 inches shorter so I can fit more comfortably in the world.

So, check the link for some cool ideas to save living space; the bunk beds are my favorite.  Also, whenever I verbalize my likes/dislikes, it usually confirms my wife's theories about me.

Stylish Space Saving Furniture on Third Avenue | - notable designs and functional living spaces

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