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Monday, April 26, 2010

Refreshing Reminder of God's Process

Today I was introduced to a new blogger.  With me, that statement is a dime a dozen; however, this new blogger is unique.  Amanda, as her blog title explains, is a new Christian.

She has two blogs.  One in which she wrote while an atheist–– and the new one in which she writes as a former atheist.  Check out her blogs!  She includes quotes, Scripture passages, etc.  As I mentioned above, I think her blog is wonderfully unique.  What's so unique about another blog?  I'll tell you, but I hope you go see for yourself.  The blog's unique characteristic is not that she writes cool quotes or important Bible verses (although she does do that, too), but it appears that she designs her own cartoons to illustrate the quotes or verses she mentions.  Her blog is a cartooned commentary.

I've enjoyed seeing her interpretations.  They are a refreshing reminder of God's process––bringing us from alienation (distance, hostility, separation from Him) to reconciliation (nearness, peace, relationship with Him). 

Lord, thank you for the new life in Amanda!  Amanda, thank you for creatively posting your journey!

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