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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Incomplete Thoughts.....or Thoughts Begun

I want to write more.  I really do.  However, I find myself thinking too much and scribbling notes (either in my Moleskine notebook or in Evernote).  I even have a category in my Evernote application called "incomplete thoughts" and my pocket notebook is full of them.

I wonder if my desire to write essays instead of blogs, articles instead of comments drives the gap between my will to write and what I accomplish to write.  What do I mean by that?  Writing an essay requires a well-defined, purposed and unpacked, completed thought.  I rarely have any of those.  Thus, my desire to write only grows....longings to contribute in the discourse of humanity; however, rarely do I pen anything.  For contribution to be weighed, something must be put on the scale.

Perhaps it is my incomplete thought vs. a thought only begun.  For now I am content with blogs and scribbles.

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