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Friday, October 29, 2010

Today is like...

I took my wife to work this morning.  We were running a bit behind schedule so we decided to buy two biscuits from McDonald's.  Although they don't have the best breakfast stuff, it is okay. 

This morning I ordered a combo meal: black coffee, potato cake and a bacon/egg/cheese biscuit.  It is my usual.  Well, I didn't get my usual.  I randomly received an egg/sausage McGriddle (basically the biscuit replaced with two pancakes that have warm pockets of syrup inside).  I've never had one before because I've never wanted one before.  Sure the concept sounds appealing but throwing down 400+ calories and 1000+ mg of sodium in one sitting is not my idea of a balanced breakfast. 

However.  This morning I didn't even care that they got my order wrong.  I opened the wrapper, and without thinking, sunk my teeth into it.  Of course it was good; nevertheless, I still stand by my assessment that the concept is appealing......but it is always a bad idea.

So, if you ask me how my day is going, I would have to say that today is like that.

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