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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Who influences you?

This Saturday morning I was doing a pretty normal, morning routine, which entails a quick email check and blog skim in my google reader.  It is quick, mindless task that tidies up and establishes the flow of the day for me.

I enjoy reading Seth Godin's blog.  He is a marketer, speaker, and writer.  Apparently very successful, but I only know him via his blogged thoughts.  He is succinct, clear, and honest.  I like him...straightforward and commonsensical.  I have already mentioned and linked to his blog from here.

Well, my apparently mindless morning task got me thinking.  I am a big proponent of Ad Fontis, which is a latin phrase meaning "to the source."  I read blogs everyday; I have my favorite books and authors; I have favorite movies that have inspired me....these in many respects are my influences.  Of course I have people in my life, who are intimately aware and keenly influencing me.  However, other outside people influence me that have no idea who I am.  Seth Godin writes in a way that makes you think and see things from a different perspective.....enter ad fontis....I wonder who has influenced him.  What people?  What books?  What experiences? 

Seth Godin (he is unaware) has a platform in my life.  So does C.S. Lewis and Led Zepplin and John Piper and Johann Sebastian Bach and the Apostle Paul and Jay Sklar and (more than anyone) my wife.  Not only am I shaped by these people, but I also want to learn from their teachers. 

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