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Monday, August 24, 2009


We are back from our vacation in New York City. It was a blast. Here are some observations:
  • a lot of people live and work in the city; then add tourists to the mix (no-brainer #1)
  • I quickly noticed how many people were engaged in conversations with other people. People were walking and talking, talking on park benches, standing at street corners talking. My initial, stereo-typed picture of New Yorkers with their heads down and ears plugged with an ipod was crushed. Granted, further south towards mid-town and the financial district you get more of the isolated individual swimming amongst the other thousands of people, but the neighborhoods are really unique and charming.
  • Public transit was easy and convenient
  • There were so many cool places to eat
  • the buildings are really tall (no-brainer #2)
  • Living in NYC is expensive (no-brainer #3)
  • NYorkers adopt a minimalist lifestyle in order to live in the city; I want to strive for this more and more
  • If I lived in NYC, I would visit the NY Public Library, the Met, and/or somekind of museum once a week
  • And yes, The Lion King was brilliant!
A vacation is NYC is awesome. A vacation in NYC while seeing friends makes it even better.

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