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Monday, August 3, 2009

Participate Actively

Next time you participate in a ceremony of some kind, take the mental note of:
  1. who are the parties involved?
  2. what is happening?
  3. what is being said?
  4. where are people standing?
  5. what sounds do you hear?
  6. where is your attention drawn?
  7. what is the focus? Or rather, what is the focal point?
  8. if vows are taken: please, please, please listen and take to heart what is being asked of you
I am of the opinion that my generation lacks a real understanding of vows. Too often they are merely words spoken as a technicality--just one obstacle in the way or a hoop to jump through. Rarely do we prayerfully consider them, boldly proclaim them, and resolutely perform them.

That last part is the toughest--"resolutely perform them." Thankfully, when thinking of the vows taken, let's say, at our wedding or baptism or ordination, we must remember that it is by our Lord's grace and power that enables us to perform them. We must rely on Him to sustain us. I find great comfort in that He remains forever faithful in the vows he takes.

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