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Thursday, February 25, 2010

M.Night + Kung Fu= Awesome!

M. Night Shyamalan is a great story teller.  Okay, okay –The Happening was not so happenin'.  I actually never saw it because a reliable friend and M.Night fan did not recommend it.  Let's be reasonable––greatness cannot happen with every try.  Even Mighty Casey struck out, and so did Babe Ruth....a lot!  And he was the Great Bambino!

Back to M. Night being a great story teller.  His stories start with a great concept.  He uses vivid imagery and captivating cinematography, which only draws you into the characters and dialogue.  He develops the story behind the story.  I find myself just listening and watching the story unfold instead of working to follow or piecing the story together.  When I watch his movies, I don't go to watch a movie; I go to be told a story.

Thus/therefore/hereafter/thereunto/consequently/without further ado, this post's subject line explains it all (and reveals my biases)!!

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