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Monday, January 25, 2010

Give Yourself an Assignment

Last week I mentioned that I would begin a weekly(ish) post: "Give Yourself and Assignment."  Take them as merely ideas.  More than anything they cultivate my idea generating temperament.  Some will be good, others will be bad.  If at any point you decide to follow through with one of the ideas, please leave a comment and share how it went. 

Today's brainstorm:
  • call your mom and/or dad
  • start going to the same coffee shop; become a "regular"
  • take a half day off from work for a "prayer retreat."  
  • consider a theological, philosophical, political, and/or economic viewpoint (aren't they usually interwoven?) different from your own.  Learn about that opposing viewpoint from someone who holds it.  Listen.  Try to understand.  Be able to articulate their position accurately and fairly (so they would say, "Yes, that is what I believe.")  Then be able to articulate your own position accurately and clearly.  Don't use strawmen.  May your words be seasoned with grace, love, and truth.

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