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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Helpful Tool

Memorizing Scripture is hard for me.  Not because I can't memorize, but because I rarely make time for it. 

I have been following Christ Jesus for about ten years now.  In the earlier days, I committed a lot of Scripture to memory; since then much has been lost.  This saddens and convicts me.  I want God's word in my head and on my heart.

My renewed desire to memorize Scripture started with a modest goal: memorize one verse per week.  Memorize Now is a tool that I am using to do just this. 

No registration is required.  You create "cards" of any text you want (not just Scripture) to memorize.  There are various ways to help you memorize: letters or whole words can be removed.  My favorite tool shows the first letter of each word.  Click the "save" tab and follow the directions.  There are other online memorizing tools, but I am currently dabbling with this one.  Go check it out for yourself!

Can you guess what verse the picture shows?

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