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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some things don't get posted

Good morning!  This post is about posts that don't get posted.

I just spent twenty minutes reflecting on how my morning gospel reading (Matt. 14) is relating to circumstances in my life.  I sat and thought; I sat and typed; I sat and re-read; I sat and edited; I sat and decided...not to post it.

Why?  Some things are too personal.  So I wrote this lil' ditty instead.  Just because most of our life functions in the cloud doesn't mean you have to publish everything in the cloud.  And honestly, not everything written is publish-worthy (so, PD, get over yourself)!

Today's takeaway: keep it to yourself and/or verbally tell a close confidant.  Don't broadcast it to the whole world who probably won't see it anyway. (If you never read this post, you realize the irony in these last two sentences.)

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