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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"What would you say that you do here?"

Over the past the past six months, I have desired to write more.  Starting this blog was one avenue to write on a consistent basis.  I don't really care about people reading (well, that is a lie).

Communication is important, and there are many different mediums.  For instance, it is a life-dream of mine to write a screenplay.  I would like it to be made into a movie, but I am realistic about those chances.  Still, writing a screenplay swirls in the back of my mind.

I also think it would be cool to write a novel.  I appreciate the abilities of Lewis, Tolkien, and Rowling to weave a world with their words (how about that for alliteration; I didn't even edit that for style!).  However, I do not think I have the mental fortitude to tell a story worth telling.  There is nothing I could say that hasn't been said already.  (I have a theory that whenever I have a thought I should search C.S. Lewis' writings first. [Related post about this])

If I were to start writing more seriously (I mean, how serious is blogging, right?), than I would want to be an essayist.  Not only is that more romantic than saying, "I'm a writer," but who does it anymore?  Emerson?  Lewis?  Twain?  I'm sure there are fascinating essayists out there.  I suppose I haven't heard about them because they aren't dead yet.  That is an interesting thought to consider: what's going to happen to people's blogs when they die?  Will college students of the future be required to read Blog Anthology of 21st Century, Vols. 1-1,000?  It would probably be something else I never read in college.

I promise I have a point with this post.  I was thinking about writing this morning and a conversation happened in my head (no, I didn't hear voices).  The conversation began, "What do you do?"  This of course made me think of Office Space.  Please be advised that the video below does contain profanities; it's still funny though.

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