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Monday, February 8, 2010

Until the Dust Settles

Social media works.  I am convinced.  It is amazing how fast information (old and new) zooms around the vast vaccum called the internet.  So much information lost in its space waiting to be accessed.

Although I participate in the technology and affirm its benefits, I try to keep it within reality.  So, consider my pondering mere speculation; it is not a prediction.  I am not smart enough nor well-informed enough to stay ahead of the trends to make predictions.  

Social media (perhaps, just speculating) may grow into a never ending black hole of lost information.  A blog post here, a tweet there will never be seen because something else got posted a micro-click later.  Thus, for social media to continue as is, it must maintain its purpose: communication.  If it no longer serves as a means for communication or collaboration (both positives) towards productive results, than social media will implode just like the housing bubble with no valuable content to hold it up.

Until the dust settles...I am perfectly content in making a few posts, sharing a few links, spending "facetime" with my family, friends, neighbors, and reading a good ol' fashioned book.

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