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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Google Reader as a filing system

No matter one's vocation, there are needs for ongoing education. I think google reader can be used for just that.

My purposes are geared to my interests and my current calling, which is to be a seminary student preparing for future vocational ministry. So I pass this idea on for fellow seminarians and for current/future pastors; however, I think using Google Reader this way would prove beneficial for any professional career.

The picture is a screenshot of how I currently set up my Google Reader. I have folders, which I assign my websites and blogs. The number in parentheses next to the folder designates unread feeds. Some sites I check pretty much every day; others I check occasionally; some I very quickly skim the headline and only read what catches my eye. This is based on personal priorities. Setting priorities is a must for this to be maintained as a tool versus it becoming a snare and a time-waster.

I then organize posts with tags for further reference. I don't tag everything, and often I assign multiple tags for a given post. These tags are always a work in progress. Occasionally I consolidate categories, and I have edited and even deleted tags that prove unhelpful to my purposes.

I have two main goals for this:
  1. Ongoing learning by reading a breadth of material (things I agree and disagree with). Doing this increases awareness and sharpens my critical thinking.
  2. It is a filing system for illustrations, great ideas, articles I would reference again, etc.
Happy Reading!


  1. I see that you have labels "confidants" and "allies" - are you designating different places as these? What are these referring to?

  2. confidants are website/blogs of people i know; allies are website/blogs i read regularly but i don't know them personally.